CKD Basics

How about the prognosis and life expectancy of each stage? And whether your condition still can be reversed? You can surely find the answer here.

CKD Symptoms A~Z

Which CKD symptom are you experiencing? Now follow us to learn more about your symptoms and find the natural ways to relieve them.

CKD Treatment

What kinds of treatment options can help reverse your condition and avoid dialysis treatment? Here you will surely find new hopes.

CKD Diet﹠Fitness

There is no a certain food you can not eat, which depends on your specific condition. learn more about foods & fitness to improve the quality of life.

CKD Stage1~2

CKD stage 1-2 means the mild reduction of kidney function, though not serious the condition is, proper managements are still needed.

CKD Stage 3

CKD stage 3 means the moderate reduction of kidney function. Some complication are likely to appear at this stage, but it still has a certain possibility to be reversed.

CKD Stage 4

CKD stage 4 means the severe reduction of kidney function. And the possibility to reverse the condition has been discounted, but dialysis still can be prevented.

CKD Stage 5

CKD stage 5 means the last and most severe stage of kidney disease. But if there still has blood flow in kidneys, dialysis and kidney transplant are still likely to be avoided.

In addition to dialysis and kidney transplant, see more about other treatment options which can bring new hopes. read more

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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